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What is ThemeSheet?

ThemeSheet is where you can buy and sell all kinds of digital products such as websites, website source code, mobile app source code, brand identity designer, banner ads, sample videos ...

In this era, all human activities are tied to technology. ThemeSheet itself is a technology social network, founded with the desire to accompany everyone to turn useful ideas into reality.

ThemeSheet 's mission

ThemeSheet has been and will continue to "seed success" for everyone. The products we provide are the starting seeds for great plans.

  • Shorten the time to implement business plans.
  • Save costs, minimize risks and maximize profits.
  • Make a positive contribution to society.
Sow seeds successfully

ThemeSheet 's important milestones

ThemeSheet will not stop until it becomes the world's leading provider of digital products.

  • February 2018

    💡 An idea just appeared

    One last day in February, the domain was bought from the idea of a 29-year-old programmer.

  • December 2018

    Completed the plan 📃

    Step by step to build and develop the social network ThemeSheet is in the plan.

  • February 2019

    📈 Operating the first version

    ThemeSheet has been running a test for the purpose of testing the market's response. The results were great: The community was very well received.

  • June 2019

    Rework, do it again 🔃

    Not satisfied with the first version, ThemeSheet has been temporarily suspended, starting development from scratch.

  • October 2019

    🔃 Do it again

    Success does not come at first. Less than 2 months from the return of operation, ThemeSheet had to pause and restart everything.

  • January 2021

    Again and again 🔃🔃

    Develop - cancel - develop - cancel - develop ... it's like an endless loop.

  • March 2021

    ✅ The official version

    "Persistence will definitely succeed"! Finally, ThemeSheet is perfect and officially running. ThemeSheet will continue to be developed but will never have to be shut down again.

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Major contributors to ThemeSheet

To achieve today's success, we have received wholehearted contributions from excellent individuals with many years of experience in the profession.





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Feedback from customers

ThemeSheet cherishes all comments and keeps making progress to become more and more perfect.

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